Tower with the gate, the wall, the dragon cave and a waterfall

Entrance Gate









 A scenic entrance gate with cupolas and a wall with a lot of arches, in a medieval castle style. At the end of the wall there is a stone cave resided by a dragon. At the other end of the dragon cave there is a waterfall with a few ledges, that is transformed into a creek falling into a small lake.


Dragon cave, the wall, the tower.










„Parkowe Atrakcje” Company can make any building that you can think of!

Mur z wizytówką Bajkowej Krainy












The wall is a visual attraction that can be used as a perfect background for interesting and outstanding pictures.

The wall is a magic border in the Park of fairy tales, dividing it into two Magic Kingdoms – Land of fairy tales and a Dino Park.


Dragon cave














Everything is sculpted in Styrofoam, inside there is a metal cage.

Building is covered in laminate, because of it the construction is stronger. It is also painted.


Bok dużej skały.
Big rock















The photo of the side of the rock which on the left the dragon cave is carved and on the right a waterfall.

The tower sculpted in Styrofoam before being laminated.




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