The UFO Ball : 2-in-1 Labyrinth & Table Football

Ufo Ball

Football is a game that has millions of fans all over the world.

2-in-1 Labyrinth & Table Football is perfectly suited for playgrounds, amusement parks and other places of leisure.

The UFO Ball game is designed for two people or an entire team.


Ufo Ball - labirynt piłkarzyki

Convex discs (red) those are 10 players of the team playing the ball and discs concave (white) those are 10 players of the opposite team.

Goalkeepers watch over the goals and disc in the center of the field (black)  is the judge.

When the ball falls into the hole (discs concave) , this means that the ball takes over the opponent team.

The winner is the first one who sinks the 10 goals to the opponent’s goal.

Maze has a diameter of 2,0 m and it’s made of mild steel or stainless steel.

Playing field is covered with synthetic grass and the game is played with a tennis ball or another one of similar size.

Ufo Ball - labirynt piłkarzyki

Ufo Ball - labirynt piłkarzyki

  •  Appearance similar to a UFO ship
  • The diameter of the plate is 2.0 m or 1.6 m
  • The UFO Ball is mounted on a round basis. It’s very easy for you to navigate a maze.
  • Play game can one person, two people or the whole team.

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