• The Turnip- rent offer


    An old man planted a turnip…he pulled and pulled, but couldn’t pull it out!

    The Turnip- old man, old woman, grandson, doggy Mruczek…join and help old man to pull out the turnip!

    You can rent The Turnip since the November up to the March


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  • Sculptures & figures


    Figures from the land of the fairy tales being born

    Fairy tales buildings and figures can be a big attraction and a decoration of every park, and set before a restaurant, hotel or guesthouse with their original and unusual look will interest and attract new customers.

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  • Seven-League boot figure – rent offer


    The Seven-League boot

    Sculpture in a shape of a shoe is the attraction that you can not miss!

    Perfect imitation of a real shoe of a giant from a fairy tale is a common place to pose for a picture.

    Kids love to climb the big shoe on the shoelaces and wonder where they can find the second shoe of the pair.

    I can only tell you that the right shoe is seven leagues further on the North.

    Shoe can be rented from November till March.