• Witch hut on a chicken leg – sale offer


    Witch hut on a chicken leg


    In the land of fairy tales there is a witch hut on the chicken leg… Hut on a chicken leg is real and You can find it in the Park of Family Attractions in Rybnik-Kamień.


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  • Puss in Boots- rent offer



    Puss in Boots

    Puss in Boots, everybody knows him- not only children, also adults.

    You can rent him since the November up to the March.


  • The Turnip- rent offer


    An old man planted a turnip…he pulled and pulled, but couldn’t pull it out!

    The Turnip- old man, old woman, grandson, doggy Mruczek…join and help old man to pull out the turnip!

    You can rent The Turnip since the November up to the March


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  • Tower with the gate, the wall, the dragon cave and a waterfall

    Entrance Gate









     A scenic entrance gate with cupolas and a wall with a lot of arches, in a medieval castle style. At the end of the wall there is a stone cave resided by a dragon. At the other end of the dragon cave there is a waterfall with a few ledges, that is transformed into a creek falling into a small lake.


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  • Little Red Riding Hood bas-relief – rent offer


    Little Red Riding Hood bas-relief














    Bass-relief which present the scene from the Little Red Riding Hood.

    You can rent bass-relief since November up to the March.


  • Sculptures & figures


    Figures from the land of the fairy tales being born

    Fairy tales buildings and figures can be a big attraction and a decoration of every park, and set before a restaurant, hotel or guesthouse with their original and unusual look will interest and attract new customers.

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