Parkowe Atrakcje – producer of games and recreational devices for adults and children

Playground is a place where kids have fun, but guardians very often are bored to death!
Dzięki naszym produktom stereotyp ten może zostać zmieniony.
Thanks to our products this stereotype can be changed. 
Our games and recreational devices can breathe a new life into playgrounds making tchem a perfect place of fun not only for children but also adults. Our offer is special that is why we encourage you to get to know what we have prepared for you.

KULIG in the summer – is that possible? Sure it is, our sleigh rides all year long.











Our games and devices are a great choice for outdoor parties, events, festivals, or family picnics.

Our attractions can surprise you, and the memories of this experience will stay forever in your memory!

Our offer is also designed for the owners of restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, guesthouses, campsites, rural tourism, cottages and others.

It’s the easiest way to make your guests more eager to visit you.










Rainbow cannon -is a cannon that shoots spindrift that creates a real rainbow due to reflection, refraction and dispersion of sunlight in water droplets. See more on Super attractions

Pin Art

Pin Art






















Pin Art – a hugging wall – when you hug you’ll create 3D low relief of yourself